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January 30, 2012

Obama Ballot Challenge extends to Six States more coming!!!

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Bin Laden Was Dead Before May 2nd 2011//

You  may have to reboot this video , they are apparently they ,someone is trying to take it down. Pay attention , and try to consider what Ron Paul is trying to tell you without coming right out with it.  We’re in a serious national security crisis here.  Now that Americans understand why the Seal Team 6 team was taken out. More Navy Seals will be coming forth.  Even with mind altering drugs, the sub conscious mind will let the truth come to the surface.    Watch this to the End, dont judge until you see it thru.



Obama eligibility challenges spread to 6 states

Decision in Georgia case expected soon, but ballot concerns going viral

Published: 14 mins ago

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Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after spending nearly three decades writing on a wide range of issues for several Upper Midwest newspapers and the Associated Press. Sports, tornadoes, homicidal survivalists, and legislative battles all fell within his bailiwick. His scenic photography has been used commercially, and he sometimes plays in a church worship band.More ↓
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An administrative law judge in Georgia could decide as early as this week whether voters in the state convinced him Barack Obama’s name should be removed from the 2012 presidential ballot because he is not qualified to hold the office.

But win, lose or draw, the fight isn’t going to be over, as other cases are erupting across the nation, with challenges being raised anew even in Obama’s own adopted political network in Illinois.

The Georgia hearing was before Judge Michael Malihi, and while none of the lawyers who appeared in the proceedings was willing to predict what the decision will be, several did confirm that Malihi had considered simply granting them a default victory, because Obama and his lawyers expressly stated they would not participate in a hearing to provide evidence that he is qualified to be on the ballot.

A default presumably would have meant a recommendation from the judge that Obama’s name be stricken from the ballot, a decision which would head for review immediately by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

He, however, was the one who warned Obama of the “peril” of not participating in the hearing when Obama and his attorney had asked that the event be canceled.

Discover what the Constitution’s reference to “natural born citizen” means and whether Barack Obama qualifies, in the ebook version of “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?”

Whatever the outcome in Georgia, the issue is gaining traction in other states, too, including Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona, New Hampshire, and even Illinois, Obama’s home political base.

There, in a complaint recently filed by Stephen F. Boulton of McCarthy Duffy LLP and Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation, their client is asking for a change in state law to allow the vetting of political candidates.

Obama isn’t even mentioned by name, but don’t think for a minute that the requested change wouldn’t include his candidacy.

The plaintiff is Sharon Meroni, who long has fought inside the system for a way to challenge the candidacies there. In her new case, filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, she is petitioning for a judicial review of the state’s election procedures as they exist now.

Targeted are the state Board of Elections, members of the board, several county clerks and others, including candidates Dan Duffy and Amanda Howland.

Meroni, a registered voter in the 27th Legislative District in the state, said her concern is that “only candidates qualified for office under the Illinois and United States Constitutions appear on the ballot.”

The state’s primary is in March.

The case alleges the candidates did not provide sufficient proof that they are U.S. citizens as required to hold the office being sought “as is required by the Illinois Constitution of 1970.”

State officials refused to remove the names from the ballots, so Meroni has gone to court. Granting ballot access, she said in the complaint, “is contrary to law, against the manifest weight of the evidence, arbitrary and capricious, and a denial of the rights of the petitioner.”

Kreep told WND the way the system is established in Illinois it essentially allows political parties to determine who runs for office, and unless voters find out about a filing and can assemble a formal objection within five days, their concerns are dismissed.

And the system has no procedure for verifying the eligibility of candidates, he said.

That particular issue has been in the headlines for the past four years, since before Obama’s 2008 election victory, because of the questions that remain over his eligibility. The U.S. Constitution demands a “natural born citizen” be president and the Founders probably thought that to be the offspring of two citizen parents when they wrote the term.

But Obama’s father never was a citizen. There also are those who contend he was not even born in the United States.

Kreep said the Illinois procedures make it virtually impossible for candidates to be challenged for their eligibility.

He said there likely will be raised in other states concerns similar to those in Illinois, where “barriers now in existence … bar voters from reasonable investigation of the citizenship of a candidate.”

That’s simply a deprivation of the constitutional right to due process, he said. The case seeks a declaration that the political maneuvers are unconstitutional.

There also have been assembled campaigns specifically to encourage voters to file eligibility complaints about candidates with states. One such effort is the Obama Ballot Challenge, which lists contacts for state elections offices across the country.

It is, of course, the states that actually run elections; a national election is just the compilation of the results from the 50 states.

“A candidate that is not legally qualified to be on the ballot, such as Barack Obama, steals votes from other candidates who are legally on the ballot,” the site advises.

WND previously reported that cases already have been begun in New Hampshire, where state officials rejected the claims; Alabama, Tennessee and Arizona.

The newest round of court actions do not try to have a judge determine Obama is not qualified for the Oval Office and remove him from it, they simply challenge his eligibility for the 2012 election.

Many of the cases cite Minor v. Happersett, a U.S. Supreme Court opinion from 1875 that said a “natural born citizen” would be a person whose parents both were citizens.

“This complaint does not request any injunction against any state or federal government official. Instead this complaint asserts that the private entity, Defendant Democratic Party, intends to act negligently or fraudulently in a manner that will cause irreparable harm to the plaintiffs, to the states, and to the citizens of the United States,” said one of the filings.

It continued, “Because Mr. Obama has admitted that his father was not a U.S. citizen, and because this fact has been confirmed by the U.S. State Department, any reasonable person with knowledge of these facts would doubt Mr. Obama’s constitutional qualifications. Therefore, any representation by the Democratic Party certifying said qualifications would be negligent, absent further evidence verifying Mr. Obama’s natural-born status.

“Plaintiffs further request an injunction prohibiting the Democratic Party from making any representation to any state official asserting, implying, or assuming that Mr. Obama is qualified to hold the office of president, absent a showing by the party sufficient to prove that said representation is not negligent.”

Van Irion, lead counsel for Liberty Legal Foundation, also is working on several of the issues, and has brought the question in court in Arizona.

“We picked the Arizona court for several reasons, but the main one being that it is part of the 9th Circuit. The 9th Circuit has indicated in dicta that an FEC-registered presidential candidate would have standing for this type of suit,” he said. The organization is working with John Dummett, a Liberty Legal Foundation member who is a candidate for the office of president in the 2012 election.

Irion said the other lawsuit was filed in state court in Tennessee.

“The focus of the state-court suit is to prevent certification to the Tennessee Secretary of State. This suit puts greater emphasis on the negligent misrepresentation/fraud aspects of a certification from the DNC. It includes more facts regarding Obama’s Indonesian dual citizenship and fraudulent Social Security Number,” he said.

He said if the cases succeed, the Democrats would not be able to list Obama as their candidate for 2012.

“Neither lawsuit discusses Obama’s place of birth or his birth certificate. These issues are completely irrelevant to the argument. LLF’s lawsuit simply points out that the Supreme Court has defined ‘natural-born citizen’ as a person born to two parents who were both U.S. citizens at the time of the natural-born citizen’s birth. Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen. Therefore, Obama can never be a natural-born citizen. His place of birth is irrelevant,” Van Irion’s group said.

WND also has reported that Maricopa, Ariz., County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has launched a formal law enforcement investigation into concerns Obama may submit fraudulent documentation to be put on the state’s election ballot in 2012.

Other attorneys involved in the Georgia case are J. Mark Hatfield and Orly Taitz.

Hatfield has told WND that the goal is for a court determination on the definition of “natural born citizen,” which then could be applied directly to Obama’s candidacy.

The quartering of Newt Gingrich.

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The quartering of Newt Gingrich.  The Romney Campaign aided by the GOP and the MSM should tell Americans just who the establishment/Republicrats are afraid of .  Bob Dole wanted to raise taxes, Gingrich stopped him.  So now Dole is coming out of his shell and naturally joining the GOP bull _ _ _ _ .  Romney has no defined plans, so all he can do is hammer away at Newt. When you have no defined plan , all you can do is throw rocks at the competition.  Been there done that.   This you can count on. Newt will expose Romney in late February and early March.  Florida has 50 delegates in play. Newt , and Ron Paul will take it to the Convention. That is when the Ron Paul supporters will rally.   By the time the Convention rolls around , Romney’s left wing policies will be well established .  There is no way Romney can out shout obama on obama care.  Romney is a big talker when he’s by himself on stage, but standing next to Newt or Paul, he looks like somebody just put a diaper over his head.  Romney like Bush/McCain, gave us Obama. Obama wants to run against Romney,  even with a teleprompter, Obama will wipe the floor with Romney.
The following from a faithful.

If you have read other e-mails that I have sent out regarding ALL OF THE CANDIDATES, YOU KNOW THAT I CANNOT, AT THIS TIME EVEN THINK OF VOTING FOR ANY OF THEM. The reason being, they have not even discussed or presented their views on how they would remove Obama from the office of the Presidency. Karen, how can they all stand up there and say that they will uphold our Constitution, when nothing is discussed about the fact that Obama should not be in the White House and he certainly should not be on any state’s ballot for the Presidency.

Karen, I do believe that that their may be many reasons why they are pushing Romney…..Romney has yet to prove that he is a Natural Born Citizen….Obama not a Natural Born Citizen, so Romney not a Natural Born Citizen….Romney part of the New World Order……Romney For Obamacare! Romney Follow Soro and the New World Order. Karen, so many of our Elected Officials are within this Movement of the New World Order and the Agenda 21. I do agree with some of the Pappas’ opinions, but I just cannot respect any of them, and this deeply distresses and sadden me beyond words.

Would it not be great if one of those Patriotic Sheriffs decided to Run for the Presidency? Maybe OUR Sheriffs will accomplish the success that they are striving to for All America. Karen, Take care. God be with you.


My friends, what we are witnessing during this horrendous campaign season, is about as low, dirty, filled with lies and brutal as any I recall in my long lifetime. The GOP has long been known for eating their own, but this year,
they have turned the practice into an art form that threatens to implode the party. But far worse, the zealous attacks on Gingrich, all based on lies and distortions of fact, threaten to destroy the GOP’s platform AND worse, the entire campaign, giving it lock stock and barrel to Obama! The whole business is unthinkable, and outrageous, at a time when outrageous is the clarion call of the day and one can barely fathom things could get any worse. Well, not only are they getting worse, but we are shooting ourselves in the foot, over and over and over. It was proven long long ago that the so-called “establishment” of the GOP ran amuck, picked and/or supported losers, and permitted a
pathetic platform that was either weak, off point, absurd, or irrelevant. They are doing it all in spades now, having apparently lost focus on the end game – that being to defeat Obama and put to pasture his radical destruction of the U.S. I know personally too many people I regard as ‘smart’ who have bought the whole pile of CRAP that has been dished out for a long time about Romney and Gingrich – believing the attacks on the Gingrich side, while buying the bullshit about Romney as the true conservative? the shoe-in winner? Oh please – I am sick beyond words about what the GOP, the tea party, and the conservative movement has spiraled into hell. What are they thinking? Clearly they are not at all. This is not a matter of policies, ideology, issues – it is utter and total character assassination at its worst and ugliest.
The biggest question we must all ask is WHY THE HELL are those traitors to Conservatism rendering the party into demise? WHY? What truly is their agenda? If I had to guess, I’d have to say that those operating at this super base level of vitriol are operating at someone else’s behest – could it be that the GOP has already been taken over by Soros? I know he’s been working on it for some time now, but I thought he had a long way to go. It would seem perhaps he has already acquired sufficient share to control the party. Whatever it is that is going on, it is high time we all wake the “F” up, and stop this steam roller of a machine on its course to our destruction. George Soros recently made two shocking statements that people are mostly ignoring, both made in the last couple of weeks: 1) He predicts that the “occupy” movement will turn very violent in the Spring – well DUH, he should know, he funds the movement and has seen that they are trained accordingly; and 2) there is virtually no difference between Romney and Obama. BELIEVE THE MAN – he knows of what he speaks, and he has an odd, inexplicable way of sharing his ‘insider’ knowledge – almost as if he finds great pleasure in waving the red flag in front of the bull; or toying with Americans. Whatever the game he plays, we can be sure of one thing – he has NO intention of losing, no matter how much he must spend, no matter how many fences he must straddle, and he will control the outcome on both sides of the coin, thus ensuring he wins no matter what! Keep that in mind the next time you look favorably upon Romney!
Campaign Speech or State of the Union Address?

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Never in my adult life, and I’ve been around a while, have I observed the level of attacks on a candidate from one’s own Party as I observe ongoing against Newt Gingrich. People who have held my respect for years are engaging in a character assassination ritual which is every bit as despicable as their characterization of the object of their disdain. Long time admired Ann Coulter is about to have a nervous breakdown and has gone off a cliff with her angst and level of vitriol. The Drudge Report and Fox News, not to mention the “left” might just as well fly a banner of disparagement against Gingrich and endorsement of Romney. Today I read another hit piece on Gingrich by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., Editor in Chief and Founder of the American Spectator.
Isn’t it co-incidental that piling on occurs just as the national cameras are focused on the Florida primary? Amazing how that works! The other candidates cannot win on the merits of the strength of their positions, debating skills or accomplishments so they turn to their friends in media who are evident shills for Romney. So, like is too often the case, the others seek to win by tearing down their opponent since they are incapable of winning on the strength of their positions or arguments, on the issues. Is Romney, Paul or Santorum bad? Only to the extent that they are not up to the task of winning on the merits and all they have left is to resort to negative attacks. When Gingrich first defended himself, the shills (that would be Fox News and Drudge) immediately painted Gingrich as angry and that he was being negative. Huh? Did I miss something? Wasn’t the first barrage of negative ads put out by Romney and Paul in Iowa? Yes, I thought I remembered that correctly.
It frustrates them that Newt, despite the fact that they put him on his political deathbed shortly after announcing his candidacy, and again after Iowa continues not only strong but leading. Could any of the others survive the slings and arrows as he has? No! His campaign Staff resigned early on and reported to Perry for duty, but then Perry endorsed Newt, Humm! When he (as did “The Donald”) criticized Paul Ryan’s plan, they went loopy that he would speak the truth. They emphasize out of context distortions, like the “$1.6 million he was paid” by Fannie Mae; and that he “resigned in disgrace” with a $300K “fine” are just that, out of context, intended to mislead distortions of the facts.
His resignation from the congress according to a Washington Post was because of losses during November 1998 Congressional elections that had nothing to do with the $300K reimbursement he agreed to make. Read the account and related articles from the November 8th 1998 edition of the WP yourself, then one can make an informed decision:
Establishment Republicans Party operatives such as Ann Coulter, Fox News in the person of Brit Hume and Carl Rove, and Drudge Report should carefully consider the consequences of their damning behavior toward the Party’s most likely candidate whether or not they succeed in destroying that candidacy. Nancy Reagan has bestowed the “Reagan Mantle” on Gingrich, and Michael Reagan has endorsed him…and yet Dick Morris (Fox News) quips the most laughable line of the season: “Romney is Reaganesque.” Sure, and I am George Patton or Douglas MacArthur, or both.
Was Newt perfect while he was Speaker in the way he dealt with issues? No. But, Newt Gingrich did more in four years for the American people as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives than any, no, all his competitors combined have done in a lifetime.
Newt’s morals: So what is the issue…his distant past from which he has turned away, confessed, repented and has been happily married for twelve years? He has let the past go, but evidently a lot of good people have not. Thank the Lord for salvation from sin, and thank Him for his forgiveness, otherwise we are all “toast” and Jesus will have died in vain. But, I think not. David Hanson has an excellent piece in National Review Online, on the subject of Presidential morality.
I am for getting rid of Obama. My analysis is spot on that Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance and he as much as says so although during the Thursday debate was more certain; Romney is a Mormon whose personal values may be okay, but intentionally pulling the plug on failing businesses, not to preserve capital but to make money is not my idea of how true capitalism is supposed to work; and, he lies and supports liars; and Santorum would be crushed by the media in the first five minutes after the nomination. At this juncture all Santorum is succeeding in doing now is to diminish the chances for conservative leadership. Coulter’s “Romney is more conservative than Gingrich,” may actually be one up to Morris’ “Reaganesque” comment in the comedy department. Romney may be better looking than Reagan and younger too, but Reaganesque? Stop it Morris, it makes my sides hurt.
That brings me back to imperfect Newt who is penitent and has matured; and who the Lord has molded into the man to best lead this nation, just as imperfect and impetuous “Peter” (Wasn’t Peter the disciple who denied knowing Jesus three times the night of Jesus’ betrayal? Yes, that Peter.) was the leader of the early “Christian” Church.
Semper Fidelis
Bob Pappas

 Well said Bob and thanks.

Congress attempts to undermine Citizenship Requirement to be a President

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Our Right to Bear Arms, infringed in New Jersey.

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January 29, 2012

Arizona Senate Border Security,Federalism and State Sovereignty Chaired by State Senator Sylvia Allen

Click here , it’s a long hearing but you need to listen and take notes on what we have been dealing with in Arizona and all the Western States. Ron Paul says he will eliminate the Department of Ag and Interior.  It can not happen soon enough.  This may not be in your back yard , but it could be.  States must step up and take control of their state lands.  It’s not federal land it is federal mismanaged land.  The land belongs to us not these bureaucratic agencies.

Obama’s Worst Nightmare, Legal Immigration.

The Constitution Stands in the State of Georgia,Alabama,New Hampshire,Mass, Illinois. Come on Gov. Brewer /AG.Horne get with the Constitution . Governor Falin , lets go step up!!! Remember that Oath you took? Come on Gov Perry , make some noise, how about you Gov Brownback, which side of the Constitution are you going to stand? Hey Governor Schweitzer, We need the Keystone, We know you’ve supported Obama in the past, surely you’ve figured this guy out by now!!!!   To hell with the party and Pelosi, stand up for America!!!!
Subject: Obama Blocked In 5 States From Primary Ballot

Obama Blocked From Registering For Alabama State Primary Until Eligibility Is Validated By Court.

UPDATE: An Alabama Court has announced that it will hear arguments as to whether Barack Hussein Obama II is in fact eligible to appear on the State Presidential Primary Ballot.


Susan Daniels Testifies in Atlanta: Obama’s Social Security Number is Fraudulent

BREAKING => Two New States Massachusetts And Obama’s Very Own Illinois Challenge Barrack’s Official Ballot Eligibility.

New Hampshire Lawmakers Require Obama To Produce Vault Long Form Birth Certificate.

Obama Eligibility: Pelosi Supplied Altered Congressional Records To The 2008 Election Commission!

Attention Elected Officials:

So what are you, the elected officials of Our America going to do about this man, Obama who has disgraced our country once again and who has been the usurper according to the evidence that has been presented and that has been communicated to you now for years now by many True American Patriots. You have delayed much too long in meeting your responsibilities as our elected officials… have known all along that this man, Obama is an imposter and has the title of usurper, not the President of our great country…..this man and all of his appointees must be removed from their said positions immediately……this man, Obama must be held accountable for all of his crimes against our Constitution, our country and all your fellow Americans…..ONCE AGAIN I SAY STOP AIDING AND ABETTING THIS CRIMINAL……WHY HAVE YOU PUT YOURSELVES WITHIN THIS POSITION OF TREASON….DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WE THE PEOPLE CAN REMOVE YOU FROM YOUR POSITIONS FOR YOUR ACTS OF TREASON? WE HAVE ALLOWED EXTREMELY TOO MUCH UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE, FOR WE HAD THOUGHT YOU WOULD COME THROUGH DISPLAYING YOUR LOYALTY AND HONOR FOR OUR COUNTRY AND YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS BY NOW…WE THOUGHT YOU HONORED YOUR POSITIONS WITHIN OUR GREAT COUNTRY, IN THE MANNER IN WHICH WE THE PEOPLE HONOR THEM, BUT SAD TO SAY, THIS HAS PROVEN NOT TO BE THE FACT..WE ARE A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE….WE DEMAND THAT YOU ENFORCE AND EMBRACE OUR GOVENRMENT RESPECTIING EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN AND OUR TREASURED CONSTITUTION….IF YOU CANNOT DO SO, THE RESIGN, OTHERWISE ACT AS THE RESPONSIBLE AND COURAGEOUS ELECTED OFFICIALS THAT WE HAVE EMPLOYED.


“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without The Bible.”George WashingtonT

“To Sin by Silence when They Should Protest Makes Cowards of Men. ” Abraham Lincoln

Suzanne C. Short

January 27, 2012

Now we know why the Repubicans refused to go after Obama’s ineligibility!!!

Is this the next False Flag, are we about to sacrifice 5000 American Sailors???

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This video further illustrates by we must put Ron Paul in the White House. Here’s the question.  If they can get away with this in Syria, what will stop them here in America.  We have ethnic groups refusing to assimilate, growing all over America due to a failed immigration policy and open borders.  Wake up America.

Barrack Obama May be left Off of Georgia Ballot due to his Ineligibility, and obtaining a fraudulent Social security number!

January 26, 2012

Obama Failed to Appear!

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Today’s hearing in Atlanta Georgia was a long time in coming.  We witnessed without any doubt that the Constitution was working.  We heard , under oath compelling evidence , proving that a person known as Barrack Hussein Obama, otherwise known as Barry Soetoro, is not only not a citizen of the United States, he is also here illegally.  Given that he is using a false security number , he has lied to the United States of America, in order to obtain the rights and privileges there of.

Today’s testimonies given under oath by credible and qualified witness’s.  Proved without a doubt that the occupant of our White House is a fraud and is trespassing.   No other conclusion is possible.  The mere fact that he failed to show up in court, says that he has no credible defense.  In any court of law , when you fail to show to defend yourself, judgement in favor of the plaintiff is common.

The Judge in this case and his decision will determine for America, whether or not we have a Constitution. He will decide whether or not we are a nation of Laws or of Men.  Should he decide in the latter, we will cease to be a Nation .  The future of this country literally is hanging by a single thread.  In our view and the majority of Americans the existing laws already exist so why aren’t they acting on them?

You can be certain that if it were you or I that we were talking about, this would have been over long ago. Therefore it would seem only natural , that ICE, take immediate action.   Air Traffic Control should be directed to ground Air Force One.  Steps should be taken to locate and detain this person known as Barrack Hussein Obama. If it were you or I we would be and should be detained and held for an immigration status review.  A  former immigration officer  testified today, that an immigration status review would be in order. Following any such review you or I would be and should be held at federal holding facility.  Pending additional charges of  Social Security fraud, Spying, Treason and Sedition.   Due to the relationship between  obama and his appointed head of the justice department, it would seem that this would be a matter involving the Pentagon, since he /obama, is acting as the Commander-in-Chief.  The District of Columbia can no longer be seen as a Constitutional body. It has obviously failed in its duties.  Many of you have written and suggested that, any member of law enforcement in any agency, any state, county or city, that has sworn to serve and protect the Constitution, due to that oath ,  shall seek out and arrest.

Professional Proof,, Liberals are Mentally Ill!!

He was in Arizona yesterday.  Sheriff Joe should have arrested him then.  Talk about Justice Served.

Obama’s Eligibilty Ballot Challenge Hearing Today , Click on link below to watch live. 9AM Eastern 7Am Arizona Time

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Volunteer to help with  's Campaign





After the Office of the President of the United States was usurped by a dual-citizen candidate in 2008, the nation was awakened to the realization that the U.S. Constitution, in particular Article II and presidential eligibility; no longer matters to our elected representatives and the main stream media. Efforts for redress against this attack on the U.S. Constitution ranging from lawsuits to merely seeking the truth as to how it could happen were met with lies, obfuscation and even ridicule. With a complicit media ignoring all calls for honest reporting on the issue, Americans harnessed the internet and the new technologies of the 21st century to join in a communications revolution bypassing the media and bringing to life the ideals of our Founding Fathers.
Arising out of this synergy and answering the call to defend the U.S. Constitution, fellow Americans across the country have joined forces and proudly announce Article II Super PAC.

Article II Super PAC’s overall goal is to ensure that citizens and elected officials clearly understand Article II and the definitive meaning intended by the United States of America’s Founding Fathers of “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,” thereby working to create a legally-binding vetting apparatus which will ensure all presidential and vice-presidential candidates are constitutionally eligible in 2012 and future elections.

We are raising the needed resources to develop materials, to promote our message across the Country, assisting with key state ballot challenges, continuing to assemble our legal team which include the brightest constitutional and elections law experts and so much more.

We are building a virtual army of patriots who will serve as our frontline of EDUCATORS. Be it hosting neighborhood “chats,” handing out educational materials, speaking engagements, writing letters to your hometown newspapers, or correcting misinformation with the FACTS in the blogosphere, Article II PAC is ready to put you to work.

Join us in our efforts today by signing up to volunteer and/or making a donation. Every person and every penny counts. Working together increases our ability to reach a majority of voters to cast their 2012 votes for only those presidential and vice presidential candidates who are constitutionally eligible.

Help us spread the word by sharing Article II Super PAC’s mission with all of your friends, family, colleagues, fellow patriots, Twitter followers, bloggers, Facebook pals and neighbors today.

Make a secure online donation by credit card or check by clicking here. Also, you can participate in the Avenue of Allegiance interactive page here.

Article II Super PAC does not make contributions to candidates. Art2SuperPAC may accept unlimited corporate contributions and unlimited individual contributions. Funds raised by Art2SuperPAC will only be used for independent expenditures. Contributions to Art2SuperPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from foreign nationals and federal-government contractors are prohibited.

FEC ID NUMBER: C00507533

Site Meter

January 25, 2012

Proof , the main stream media , is in on the scam. 911 War on America from Within!

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Who did this, there were lives in these buildings,.  As a former commercial pilot, I know without a doubt, airplanes did not take these buildings down. How easy it is to fool the public! How easy it is to sell a lie to the public.  And how soon they forget and move back into smerf mode.  Or did we?

Who was in charge of Security at Building Number 7.  The building that was not impacted by an aircraft?  Do you know, have you ever thought about it.  I dare say , most Americans have not.  So heres a hint, many of you voted for his brother twice.

Check it out.

Read the oath of office , that the President of the United States takes at his swearing In.  Two words stand out “Foreign and Domestic”  Our   countries primary enemies are from within.

Long winded speeches, fooling the American people by telling them what they want to hear, from a teleprompter, do not negate,the years of   consistent warnings of Ron Paul.

In 2012 we will either Restore our Freedoms or lose them forever!

January 24, 2012

Romney gives campaign contributions in 2010 to buy their endorsements in 2012!!!!!

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If you were having any doubts, this should clear that up. If your in Florida or Arizona, send  this to everyone you know.  We can not allow a obama/lite to sit in the Oval Office.

Obama , is Georgia on your mind. It will all start to unravel on Thursday!

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TEA PARTY VIDEO January 26, 2012 Eligibility Trial
THE LIVE STREAM Link SEEN HEREJanuary 23, 2012 (TPATH)Atlanta Local news coverage of the court hearings on Thursday of this week have erroneously described them as “challenging Obama’s citizenship”. This appears to be their tactic in discrediting the lawsuits. They all have been informed, many times over, that it is Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen” which is at issue, not his citizenship.Several anchors have reported that other suits such as this have all been dismissed on “merit”. This of course is more dis-information. The truth is, each and every other lawsuit has been dismissed by liberal judges on the grounds of “standing”, and had nothing to do with facts or merit.The standing defense has long been used by politicians and government officials to obscure the truth and deny the citizens access to justice.

As the mainstream media continue to report these cases, without the context of fact, it is clear that they understand the precarious position the President is in and they believe that they can obscure the real issue by false reporting. They actually believe they are still the only source for news.

While it is very unlikely that either Obama or his attorney will show up for these hearings, ( they can’t because for the first time they will have to defend themselves on fact not standing) it is important that as many people as possible take the time to link to the live feed of the proceedings on Thursday.

But more important than the live streaming is getting as many patriots to the courthouse as possible. If you are anywhere near Atlanta or you have the time and means to get there, all those that are doing this work and protecting our Constitution will be inspired by your support.

Fulton County Justice Center
Courtroom 3E
185 Central Ave.,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

For more information contact Kim Beal at:

January 23, 2012 TPATH

Is Obama Guilty of Identity Fraud Rather than Ineligibility? Just who is this guy?

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Is Obama Guilty of Identity Fraud Rather than Ineligibility?



by Sharon Rondeau Obama achieve the presidency under false pretenses?

(Jan. 22, 2012) — On January 26, 2012, an administrativehearing will be held at 9:00 a.m. in Atlanta, GA, regarding the constitutional eligibility of one “Barack Hussein Obama” and whether or not his name should be placed on that state’s ballot for the 2012 presidential election.

But is identity fraud, rather than ineligibility, the actual crime?

Recently Atty. Orly Taitz, one of three attorneys bringing ballot challenges on the 26th, has been informed in an email that the courtroom has been changed in order to provide “better multimedia equipment for your convenience.” The mainstream media has begun to cover the upcoming hearing challenging Obama’s eligibility, and a citizen video urges concerned citizens to attend.

What will be the consequences if Obama does not appear? Atty. Mario Apuzzo responded to the question:

…The subpoena issued to Obama comes from an administrative court rather than a law court. A court-issued subpoena has the authority of a court order whether it comes from a law court or an administrative one.

Obama just happens to be the President now and would have to take time out of his official schedule to honor the subpoena. Nevertheless, Obama is subpoened as a private individual, not as the President.

Does Obama have to honor the subpoena? The only way to get out of honoring a subpoena is to have it quashed on a motion to quash. Obama tried that and it has so far failed. He can attempt to file a motion for reconsideration. But until the court changes its mind, he must honor the subpoena and here is why.

“It is beyond dispute that there is in fact, a public obligation to provide evidence, see United States v. Bryan, 339 U. S. 323, 339 U. S. 331; Blackmer v. United States, 284 U. S. 421, 284 U. S. 438, and that this obligation persists no matter how financially burdensome it may be. Footnote 10″

“Footnote 10 [I]t may be a sacrifice of time and labor, and thus of ease, of profits, of livelihood. This contribution is not to be regarded as a gratuity, or a courtesy, or an ill-required favor. It is a duty not to be grudged or evaded. Whoever is impelled to evade or to resent it should retire from the society of organized and civilized communities, and become a hermit. He who will live by society must let society live by him, when it requires to. 8 J. Wigmore, Evidence § 2192, p. 72 (J. McNaughton rev.1961).”

Hurtado v. United States, 410 U.S. 578, 589 (1973). This is one case among the many on this issue.

Indeed, Obama, as a member of legally constitutued society, as a “public obligation” to provide evidence to a court, whether that court is a law court or an administrative one. His obligation is even greater given that the subpoena touches upon his right to eventually hold a public office should he win the election. Even Congress, which is not a law court, issues subpoenas which must be obeyed at the risk of suffering severe sanctions, including incarceration.

The only way that Obama could avoid the subpoena is to show that he has some privilege that protects him from giving the requested evidence. Again, Obama has been subpoened as a private person, a candidate for public office, not as the President of the United States. From the Georgia court’s ruling on Obama’s motion to quash, we can see that Obama failed to make such a showing that convinced the court that he in fact has such a privilege.

If Obama does not honor the subpoena, the court, applying Georgia law and precedents from federal law, can issue an order to show cause to him ordering him to show cause why he should not be held in contempt. If he still does not comply, then he would be held in contempt of court. The court in such a case will issue sanctions to him, which can include a monetary penalty, an adverse ruling against him in the case itself, or even incarceration. Since he is the currently putative sitting President, the court would probably just opt for an adverse ruling rather than jail. That would be the best option since it gets to the heart of the matter. That adverse ruling would be that Obama has not met his burden of proof to show that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen.” Hence, the court could recommend to the Georgia Secretary of State that Obama’s not be allowed to be placed on the primary ballot. In the end, the Secretary of State will make the ultimate decision.

Additionally, the current sitting President of the United States not honoring a court-issued and properly served subpoena related to whether the President is constitutionally eligible for that very office could also be deemed a “high Crime[] or Misdemeanor[]” under Article II, Section 4, the article dealing with impeachment of the President. Congress could declare such conduct a high crime or misdemeanor and inititate and prosecute impeachment proceedings against Obama and they should.

For more than three years, Obama has declined to release any information about his medical history, school records and Harvard Law School compositions. One newspaper stated that Obama’s alleged attendance at Columbia University in New York City is “a mystery.” Why can Columbia produce nothing on the time he allegedly spent there? Why would they not wish to do so?

The state of Hawaii has refused to produce the original birth certificate allegedly on file with their Health Department, even after receiving a subpoena from the U.S. District Court in Honolulu and a second subpoena from the Georgia administrative court which will hold the hearing on the 26th.

On April 27, 2011, the White House released what it claimed was a certified copy of the original long-form birth certificate held by the Hawaii Department of Health. Almost immediately,bloggers and document analysts declared it a forgery.

Exactly one year before, The Washington Post placed a photo of Malcolm X with the caption“Obama touts wind energy in Iowa.” Did the editor not catch that error before publication?

The short-form Certification of Live Birth released in June 2008 following public pressure has also been labeled a forgery.

If true, why would Obama have presented forged documents to the public? Recent researchclaims that “Barack Obama II” is a synthetic identity.

On November 30, 2007, Obama signed a notarized statement for the state of Arizona asserting that he was constitutionally eligible for the office of the President, the requirements for which are:

1. being a “natural born Citizen”

2. having resided 14 years within the country, and

3. being 35 years of age or older.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, has launched an investigation into Obama’s eligibility and stated that a report will be issued next month containing information that could be a “shock.”

Is it possible that Obama was born in the United States to two U.S.-citizen parents but that his identity was changed at some point? If so, why?

At least two researchers have stated that Obama is the son of Malcolm X, a civil rights leader who converted to Islam while in prison and was assassinated on February 22, 1965 in Harlem. Israel Insider has also presented the possibility based on Martha Trowbridge’s post dated November 2, 2011.

Malcolm X had frequented The Apollo Theater located in Harlem, where on January 19, despite his busy schedule, Obama appeared and sang part of a song with a reference to the “Reverend Al Green.” Obama’s Georgia attorney, in his Motion to Quash Taitz’s subpoena for Obama to appear with the reqested proof of eligibility, claimed that it was “unreasonable” for Obama to attend because of his presidential “duties,” but he had time to embrace a woman inappropriately during a “campaign stop” in Florida last week while the mainstream media attempted to mitigate the story revealed by the photo.

There have been many inconsistencies in the life story provided to the public about Obama, including the life of his purported mother. It has been reported that Bill Ayers is the author of Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father. If Barack Obama Sr. is not Obama’s father, did Ayers write a work of fiction to convince a gullible American public of something which never occurred?

Are the photos of Obama’s purported relatives “photoshopped?” Was a history created for him, including using the birth certificate number of a child who lived for only one day, born on August 4, 1961? Was that number conveniently assigned to Obama to help create a new identity for him in the belief that no one would ever ask for tiny Virginia‘s original birth record? Is that why Obama claims he was born on August 4 when it is alleged that his real birthday is October 28, 1959?

Is it possible that information released by the State Department in regard to the travel records of Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. is forged? Were the delays caused by the State Department in releasing the documents intentional to keep people focused on Stanley Ann and Obama Sr. when they were not his parents after all?

On January 16, 2012, in recognition of the holiday ascribed to the birthday of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Obama painted on a wall the words, “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Malcolm X was noted for his persuasive public speaking ability and his leadership qualities. Obama enjoyed a meteoric rise beginning with his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Malcolm had decried America as being racist, and during the 2008 campaign, both Obama and the media invoked racism.

On January 21, 2012, it was reported that a “former Obama staffer” was arrested “in a scheme to impersonate Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz.” Bill Ayers reportedly committed identity fraud while on the run from the authorities in the 1970s.

Researcher Martha Trowbridge believes that radical political activist Fred Newman, Ph.D. is Barack Obama’s “Uncle Fred.”

Do Bill Ayers and Fred Newman have anything in common?

Has “Obama” impersonated someone or used a stolen identity? Is that why he is using a social security number from the state of Connecticut, where he never lived or worked?

Why was the criminal record of Bari M. Shabazz altered after his alleged death, which was never proven? Malcolm X changed his name to “El-Hajj Malik al-Shabazz.” His wife and daughters used the same surname.

Did Obama achieve the presidency in 2008 “by any means necessary?” If so, is the crime of identity fraud worse than being constitutionally ineligible?

Who knows the truth, and for how long have they known it?


Editor’s Note: The link under the words “identity fraud” in our article here in regard to Bill Ayers no longer works.

Fred Thompson Endorses Newt Gingrich Ahead of the Florida Primary

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 Click here;

January 23, 2012

Ron Pauls Delagate Strategy going forward. Pay attention America good things to come!!!

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Are you interested in Removing Soetoro/ Obama from ballots across the country, well its starting in Georgia . The Article 11 SuperPac is working to bring that event to the nation but needs some financial help.  If your interested in this effort go to :  As you know we do not advertise, nor to we ask for any contributions, but this group and this effort is to important not to try to help. Click on the link and help turn this ship around.  Thanks  Bruce Olsen , The Arizona Sentinel.

We will be picking up their livestream event and broadcasting it on this site,  there will be many other sites doing the same thing.

Romney Opps,, compare with Gingrich

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Are you interested in Removing Soetoro/ Obama from ballots across the country, well its starting in Georgia . The Article 11 SuperPac is working to bring that event to the nation but needs some financial help.  If your interested in this effort go to :  As you know we do not advertise, nor to we ask for any contributions, but this group and this effort is to important not to try to help. Click on the link and help turn this ship around.  Thanks  Bruce Olsen , The Arizona Sentinel.

Ron Paul has introduced a bill that fixes the NDAA by eliminating the offensive parts of Section 1021 regarding martial law and the indefinite prison detention of innocent Americans under the pretence of just being “suspected terrorists” .Please contact your representative  and tell them to support Ron Paul’s bill #

HR 3785.

South Carolina sends a message to the rest of the country. Dont miss, Comfort Care for Units

The South Carolina Primary results have several underlying messages for voters going forward. The Republican Rin0’s and main stream media, are beside themselves because their stated puppet, Mitt Romney was blown away. Gingrich circled the wagons last week as shown by the results of the South Carolina voter results map and sent the Romney campaign scrambling for the hills. Romney is a Rino, his record says so , his debate rhetoric says so and his acceptance of endorsements by major rinos closes the deal. Two Republican Rino hacks came out and endorsed Romney and he obviously without thinking it through accepted those endorsements. But did he have a choice? NO! First there is this East coast Rino, John Sununu. Sununu goes on Freedom Watch and explodes in his interview with the Judge. And in follow-up media interviews he shows his frustration with Romneys performance by attempting to ridicule , Ron Paul,Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.
Then Romney cinched the deal , he accepts the endorsement of the number one Rino in the Republican party, the clown that attempted to ram down our throats the McCain/Kennedy/Gutierrez / Flake , Amnesty Bill. Perhaps the Romney campaign over looked the fact that over 35 million Americans rallied to kill that sorry – – – piece of legislation, much to the chagrin of Jorge Bush.Then this Rino follows up that unconstitutional piece of garbage with another one known as the NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act,. Yep, your right we’re talking about John McCain.
Romney when asked during the debate if he would have signed the NDAA bill as Obama did, he clearly stated that he would have signed it. Does Romney think the voters of South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia are stupid? Does he think that no matter what he says , voters are gonna bend over and absorb his stammering babble. I don’t think so.
The Florida primary will be interesting. Romney’s been down there working the New England transplants, attempting to influence voters. Spreading his money around trying to be something he’s not , a Conservative.
Thanks to the Tea Party movement , the Rino issues in the Republican party have been brought forth and is allowing the true Conservative Republicans a voice and a chance to take the party back to its Conservative Roots.
At the end of the day Ron Paul, the steady, sound, consistent, message continues.  The question is , can America handle the truth?
The following video made my day: Give the Commies hell Newt://

The good news in this election cycle like the 2010 cycle is that the voters are no longer allowing the main stream media , broadcast or print to dictate the outcomes by promoting the Party favorite puppets. The internet has become the primary source of information, candidate web sites,campaign videos,blog sites,on-line radio, livestreaming events in fact has become new mainstream.
Obama’s new health care plan for advanced neuro/surgical care: Comfort Care for Units.
If your over seventy , your toast!!

January 21, 2012

Why so many Vets are endorsing Ron Paul for President. What do they know that you dont?

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January 20, 2012

The Debate ,two missed golden moments, yet one captured the hearts and minds of millions of voters. Judge Denies obama’s motion to dismiss today, link below. Constitution lives again!!!

Last night in the debate two of the candidates missed a couple of golden opportunities.   Rick Santorum (the mad  hatter) keeps going after Ron regarding his (Ricks) and the Republican parties,misrepresentation of Ron  Pauls foreign policy.  Ron should have  looked over at Santorum and simply said, “There you go again” .  That would have ended the debate  on Ron Pauls foreign policy positions going forward. It would have been Paul’s ,Reagan’esk moment.  And the one thing you can be sure of is, Ron Paul is going forward.

Mitt missed a moment last night that would have set the debate on fire. The television screens would have gone to test modes.   He could have rallied millions of voters to his camp .  The media all week and even up in New Hampshire and Iowa has been hammering Mitt to produce  his tax records.  Here’s what Mitt should have said last night.  Mitt should have simply said this”  Ok I’ll make you all a deal, Obama has been calling for me to produce my tax records.  I’ll do that as soon as he produces his long form birth certificate, his Certified school/university registration records, certified immigration/naturalization records, certified passport records, certified Social Security card applications for each of the aliases and other legal names used by Barack Obama,  adoption documents by step-father Lolo Soetoro, .  Mitt should have stepped up and clearly stated that as soon as he has proof that the Democrat party has nominated a Constitutionally eligible candidate, I then will produce my tax records .  (We’re going to see to it that the Romney camp gets this blog posting today).

Newt once again had an awesome night.  Taking on John King,CNN and ABC, was just what the audience obviously wanted.  I hope Frank Luntz had his meters running somewhere. I’ll bet the line went off the charts for Newt.  The main stream media including fox,cnn,msnbc are killing their own ratings with their obvious bias.   Americans should remember a vital statistic.  Fifty five ,plus percent of marriages end in divorce, for one reason or another. Which brings up a point.  This governments,federal,state,county,cities, tax and monetary policy plays a major role in the failures of millions of marriages,enough said.  The self-described Social Conservative candidate Rick Santorum never talks about that ,  Why?  Have you ever wondered why the obama camp spends so much time hammering away at Mitt Romney. Its simple,, Obama’s nightmare is having to debate Newt Gingrich.  Id spend some bucks to see that one.

At the end of the day, Americans must ask themselves this question. What is the job of the office of the Presidency.  He has one mandate to provide for the Security of the United States and  to manage the foreign policy of  the United States.  The only candidate that truly understands that is Ron Paul.   Ron Pauls understanding of the responsibilities of the President are clear as the nose on your face.  Again he is to provide for the National Security of the United States, get the government out-of-the-way of a domestic economic recovery, let the markets work, let Americans do what they’ve always done, put on their boots and go to work.  Create a  sound monetary policy, fire Bernanke and Geitner, shut down over bloated agencies, build the pipe line, open up off shore drilling, in short do just the opposite of everything this government has been doing for the last 40 years. Including the subsidizing of foreign countries by expanding the American empire around the globe.

Countries around the Globe would be better off if they would tell America to ” Get Out Of Our Country”. Go home and mind your own business.  We can handle our own affairs, you’ve got your own problems!!

The only candidate that has had a steady consistent message for the last two generations is Ron Paul.  By the end of this month our debt will exceed   our GDP thanks to bush and  obama.  If we don’t turn this ship around now, we will have the same fate that those folks on Carnival saw last week. The problem however is , there will be no rescue boats there to help us. Greece in short order will be going back to the Drachma , they have no other choice. The European Union is falling apart due to debt caused by liberal social policies and poor monetary policies, such as investing in a fraudulent American federal government housing program , as many predicted it would.   China has its own problems and is holding, trillions of dollars of our debt.  Whats worse is any thing that would possibly be good for the American Economy, Obama will throw it in the dumpster.   Making his promise of” Fundamentally Transforming America ” a reality.

Georgia OSAH Judge Malihi DENIES defendant Obama’s Motion to Quash Subpoena.

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