The Arizona Sentinel

January 26, 2012

Obama Failed to Appear!

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Today’s hearing in Atlanta Georgia was a long time in coming.  We witnessed without any doubt that the Constitution was working.  We heard , under oath compelling evidence , proving that a person known as Barrack Hussein Obama, otherwise known as Barry Soetoro, is not only not a citizen of the United States, he is also here illegally.  Given that he is using a false security number , he has lied to the United States of America, in order to obtain the rights and privileges there of.

Today’s testimonies given under oath by credible and qualified witness’s.  Proved without a doubt that the occupant of our White House is a fraud and is trespassing.   No other conclusion is possible.  The mere fact that he failed to show up in court, says that he has no credible defense.  In any court of law , when you fail to show to defend yourself, judgement in favor of the plaintiff is common.

The Judge in this case and his decision will determine for America, whether or not we have a Constitution. He will decide whether or not we are a nation of Laws or of Men.  Should he decide in the latter, we will cease to be a Nation .  The future of this country literally is hanging by a single thread.  In our view and the majority of Americans the existing laws already exist so why aren’t they acting on them?

You can be certain that if it were you or I that we were talking about, this would have been over long ago. Therefore it would seem only natural , that ICE, take immediate action.   Air Traffic Control should be directed to ground Air Force One.  Steps should be taken to locate and detain this person known as Barrack Hussein Obama. If it were you or I we would be and should be detained and held for an immigration status review.  A  former immigration officer  testified today, that an immigration status review would be in order. Following any such review you or I would be and should be held at federal holding facility.  Pending additional charges of  Social Security fraud, Spying, Treason and Sedition.   Due to the relationship between  obama and his appointed head of the justice department, it would seem that this would be a matter involving the Pentagon, since he /obama, is acting as the Commander-in-Chief.  The District of Columbia can no longer be seen as a Constitutional body. It has obviously failed in its duties.  Many of you have written and suggested that, any member of law enforcement in any agency, any state, county or city, that has sworn to serve and protect the Constitution, due to that oath ,  shall seek out and arrest.

Professional Proof,, Liberals are Mentally Ill!!

He was in Arizona yesterday.  Sheriff Joe should have arrested him then.  Talk about Justice Served.

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