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February 14, 2012

Wealth ReDistribution, We’ve been doing it for Years,RENEWING AMERICA BOTTOM UP! Let the Revolution Begin!

Its February 2012 and everyone is in a tizzy over the Republicans running for President.  Really?  Why, does anyone really think that at the end of the day. Who ever winds up in the White House, Ron Paul the exception, that we will see our Constitution resurrected, our liberty and freedoms restored?  Lets talk turkey.

Over the past two decades we’ve seen the Republicrats, explode the national debt, start wars and not for the reasons you’ve been told,  didn’t you ever wonder why bush refused to close our border, while putting troops on IraQ’s?  As a veteran myself this confirms what we already knew. I hope you will send this to every one you know including veterans,active and inactive military members here and around the globe.

the video, you can’t make this stuff up,  for all you folks that have doubts about 911 , if this doesn’t wake you up nothing will.

The truth is, nothing will change and here is why.  The Congress has abrogated its authority to the Executive branch, and the Supreme Court is constantly coming down outside of the Constitution when ever possible. During my campaign efforts two years ago , I made several candidates that were running for house seats in dc mad as hell because I said , it did not matter who we send out there, they get bought off the day after they are sworn in.  Look at the budget deal last August, and this NDAA deal , not to mention Lybia and Egypt. I rest my case.  We all know the failures of all three branches so there is no sense in going over them here.  If you need a list, we’ll get you one.  But the question is what do we do about it.  Well two years ago, I was preaching around the state that it was going to be left up to the governors and state legislatures to turn the country around.  In fact some are in fact working in that direction. Arizona, Wisconsin and Oklahoma come to mind.  Short of that , we now see where the real authority and ability exists. It’s at the county level.  County Sheriffs and County Commissioners or Supervisors.  If we are going to remain a Free Republic, the people with in those counties are going to have to step up and say to the federal and state governments , we’ve had enough and were mad as hell.  Well I’ve met some of those folks recently .  And just in the last 30 days I’ve learned of another fraud that’s been perpetrated on the American People.  All my life its burned my backside to have to rent my home from some governmental body, knowing that the Constitution gives me the unalienable right to own private property. The question then becomes how do they legally tax your home, the answer is simple, they don’t they tax it illegally.  And over the next few months we are going to be presenting at town halls , conference calls and blog sites such as this one , the explanation of how we’ve been unconstitutionally taxed on our domiciles as Citizens of these United States.   I m not the resident expert here , but I’ll do the best I can.

First, lets start with the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.  Our founding documents guarantee us that is Citizens, the Rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,  remembering that the original language stated “the right to private property”.  Further, since the Constitution is the Supreme law of the land.  When states were granted state hood, they agreed that they would recognize and accept the constitution and every protection with in it.

Now here is where the fun begins.  And for this discussion we are going to talk about Arizona only. But its fair to say, the same likely exists in your state as well.

Let me say here that for those of you that want to dive into the weeds of this issue to thoroughly understand this issue , we will gladly provide those to you on request.  Just send an email to , in the subject line,  type,  Private Property tax fraud,  that way it wont go to spam , and we wind up not seeing your request.

What we have learned is this . If you are a Citizen of the United States , you have a right to own , free and unencumbered by any taxing authority your domicile.  To clarify, you must understand the definition of Citizen. There are two recognized class’s of occupancy.  Citizen and Resident. A resident does not meet the  guarantee’s of the Constitution.  So in our view for example, Barry Soetoro aka, Barrack Obama would be classified as a resident, therefore his place of residence would be taxable.  Why , because his home of record according to his and Michelle’s own verbal recorded words tell us that he is from Kenya.  He can own property, but he does not qualify as a Citizen and therefore is not afforded the guarantee’s of the Constitution.And as far as anyone knows  Barry has never applied for citizenship.

In short what we’ve learned is that the people responsible for taxing policy , either can’t read and comprehend or simply find it to troublesome to know the laws of the land/Arizona. Well that’s gonna change.

We will gladly forward the documents for your study and review.  If you have any questions we will seek out the answers to the best of our ability.  At the end of the day , know this , we are going to pursue this.  For decades Arizona and the counties therein , and surely the other contiguous states have been fraudulently taxing American Citizens for a  Unalienable Right as Guaranteed by the Constitution.

We believe that once you’ve read the documents we will send you , you will see that we’ve been snookered once again by government.

Also we would like to know in what state do you live. we are going to try to find individuals or groups that will press on with this issue.

We can save America from the Bottom up, history proves a Top down approach will never succeed.

The Revolution must begin NOW!  ::   The Judge!

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