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March 8, 2012

Do you own it or rent it? Is your home leveraged for County,State Federal debts? Did you unknowingly agree to it?

We have several states remaining in this primary season. I strongly recommend that if your private property is in any one of those states. That you watch the interview below. And here is why. You may or not be aware of the fact that there is an ongoing effort in government circles and groups like the UN. To undermine private property in America.  Millions of Americans are recognizing this threat ,but many are unaware or oblivious to the reasons why our founding documents gave us the unalienable right to own ,absolute fee simple, private property. The founders understood having live under tyranny  that Freedom equaled owning Private Property,. The American dream as is so often referred to is nothing less than the right to owning private property and the right to do with it as you please.  “Provided you can pay for it”.  Imagine the positive effect , eliminating property taxes on private property would have on the economy in your state.  Better yet mom or dad could stay home and raise those babies.   Some will say , well what about the schools, what about them,  there are a dozen other ways to fund, “day care” .

At the beginning of this interview. I asked a two-part question, we never got around to the second part. But here are my thoughts.  The Absolute FEE Simple ownership of private property, particularly your domicile or home. Is the simple fact that Counties and States have figured out a way to get you to send them (a private corporation) a fee for holding your title in escrow to protect a lender.  At the same time they , the state, county and federal government use your property to securitize their debts.  Can you imagine giving up your home to a representative from the Chinese Government, due to the debts that this federal government has accrued.  Arizona indeed most if not all are in hock up to their eyeballs due to overspending ,government employee pensions and salaries.  If you think Arizona is in good financial shape go look at the AZ Treasures report – debts and liabilities.

I believe you will find the following video , important and informative.  We are not going to allow this issue to go away.  America, you are being scammed and robbed of what the Constitution and Declaration of Independence gave us as a right, not a privilege.  You can not tax a right.   Check the information following the video.

if this video is not already open, copy and paste to your browser and go. Same with the link below.

Study this::

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  1. If the Chinese want to come for my house, I will be happy to give them the rights to the metal in my house. Mainly lead! You see, this article has an underlying flaw in it!

    It DOES NOT matter what those officials did or do, or not do! We, as a free people, are not beholden to any foreign government’s intrusion into our private affairs! Yes, if our local , state, and federal elected officials are idiots…AND MOST ARE!… and they pass edicts and laws that violate the Constitution, then they should, and will be removed from the positions they hold for violating Constitutional Law. And, they should have the entire weight of the “Law” fall on their heads, and pay the appropriate penalty for their malfeasance,

    However, that being said, according to one of the underlying principles of western jurisprudence, and in particular an underlying principle of the American Legal System, we believe in the concept of “Caveat Emptor” or let the buyer beware! If the Chinese were too stupid to understand that they were buying nothing but glass beads, then it is on them! They should never have loaned the money in the first place!

    This is an example of one of the fundamental flaws in the globalist method of thinking, caused as a result of a Socialist, Nanny-State mentality that has been running rampant around the world for generations. The truth is that the Chinese are responsible for their own mistakes, not us! It is akin to saying that since I lost money in the stock market, that the market should repay me for my bad decisions in picking the wrong stocks. Or, even better, I loaned my dead-beat neighbor $100 to pay his rent without checking to see if he was the person on the lease. Of course, that is a very bad decision to have made. Now, suppose we did that, and then got ahold of the actual owner of the property, and said; “hey you owe me the money that I gave to the deadbeat, because he didn’t pay me!” I am pretty sure that we can all figure out how that conversation would turn out!

    The bottom-line is this. Those officials who made those decisions do not want to own up to the fact that they stole money from the Chinese, nor do the Chinese want to own up to the fact that they made a bad underwriting decision in giving money to a country whose budget was and is out of control; and further which has shown NO ability to get a handle on fixing that problem! They should have made sure that the American people, who are the real bosses in this debate, were on-board with the idea of repaying this money back! I suggest that the Chinese go after all of the public officals who screwed them out of the money who are still alive in an international court, and use the world’s legal system to go about getting their money back. What our officals are trying to do is to convince us that we owe an allegience to a foreign government in the UN, that we did not elect, nor do we have representation in the operation of. And, this is a violation of our Republic’s Constitution, and an affront to a free people everywhere!

    The proper way to handle this whole situation is to just say, NAY! No Mr Chinese, we are not going to pay you back, and if you don’t like it, then don’t lend any money to us again. Now, if they want to start a fight over that issue, then so be it! But, truly free men do not bow down to threats and pressure when confronted by bad guys. So, they can say all they want, but it is stil;l up to us to decide if we will accept what they say, or tell them no! Just remember “Freedom is NEVER Free!”

    In the Spirit of Liberty,


    Comment by Az Ranger — March 9, 2012 @ 11:09 am

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