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April 10, 2012

Jeff Flake, not interested in upholding the Constitution. This guy wants to be a Senator, give me a Break!!!

Flake’s not interested , watch the video below and watch and listen to soetoro/obama in his own words. he admits he is ineligible!!!

Lets take a look at some issues. Jeff Flake says he’s not interested in the eligibility of Soetoro/Obama. He says he’s our president, (might be his, but he’s not mine). He say’s he was duly elected, well , sir that’s not true, and here is why.  He was never properly vetted by the two parties, and we know why , they are one in the same. He was never properly vetted by the MSM, and we know why, because they are all in the tank for destroying the Constitution.  He was never properly vetted by the Federal Elections Agency, and we know why, they are also in the tank for destroying the Constitution. Federal District court Judges not interested. Supreme Court not interested.  So unless we “Do something quick, America is over”

So , at the end of the day, we’re stuck with this usurper.  But what about next time.  We all know now that there are 78 registered communists in the House , plus the fella in the White House.  What is to prevent a foreigner/communist(George Soros’s for example or Arnold what’s his name, what a joke that would have been) from running for the White House after obama’s four or eight years.  What’s to prevent another teleprompter reading, smooth talking,socialist from running for the White House . Absolutely Nothing , because the eligibility requirements spelled out in the Constitution have been vacated by those who have taken an oath to do otherwise. To the point,because of people like Jeff Flake and the rest of the 534 members of the house and senate that are ready and willing to give up the Constitution for what?  What will replace it? The Communist Manifest? Sure looks like we’re headed that direction.

If there is any doubt in your mind as to what the end results will be should we continue down this so-called Social Justice path. Let me suggest that you order from Net flix the following documentary. (China: A Century of Revolution: Part 2 : The Mao Years:  (disc 2).  And lets take it another step , send this suggestion to all your friends and neighbors, and especially to anyone you know in high school , or college age.  ” Because this was the age group that fell in love with Chairman Mao, just like we’ve seen happen with Chairman obama.  We are at war here folks, our Freedoms are at stake.

Jeff Flake and others are setting up this country for nothing short of destruction.  In 2012  Americans must do everything they can to remove these Constitution destroying members from power.  We must do everything we can to remove these lawyers from political elected office.  Flake is a lawyer.

Over the past two to three weeks my email box has been flooded with support for “Wil Cardin” . A businessman, here in Arizona, that is running for U.S. Senate here in Arizona.  I’ve done some homework, and I agree.  Although I have no faith in Washington DC ,  if we’re going to continue to put up with it, we’d better be sending people there that we believe will faithfully serve honor and protect the Constitution .  Obama admits he is Muslim and from Kenyan!!!!

Here’s a question that I get from many. Is it time to leave? What would happen to this country if the producers left , leaving the takers , those poor folks that look to government for their existence?  I can also tell you that many Americans have already left.  Some have even moved to Texas!!!! Switzerland, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay and more. These folks that we here from were victims of my email rants years ago.  Now they’ve settled in their new homes, and watching this country being torn apart due to apathy.  May be its time.

Millions of Americans were forced to stand up against the McCain Kennedy, Flake, Gutierrez Amnesty Bill.  My vote will go to Wil Cardin for U.S. Senate in 2012. Here is the link to Wil’ campaign website. Study it, go thru it then watch the video below.

Now watch this, and you decide.  It looks like a no brainer to me!!!

The following video is a must for all Constitutional Americans.


  1. Bruce,

    While I admire your direct and honest approach, I have to strongly take exception to the hypocritical and cavalier position Mr. Flake has taken with our Constitution. I am sorry Bruce, Mr. Flake and the rest of those elected officials, at all levels of government, city, state and national, who are ignoring this critical Constitutional crisis seem to forget, they would not be in the elected position they currently hold were it not for the very Constitution they are refusing to uphold. Let me be clear Bruce, not only do I take exception but we all should be taking exception to this breach of the public trust.

    These criminal actions on the part of any elected official who refuses to honor their oath of office must be dealt with and their failure to act on this issue subjects them all to charges of treason. Failing to deal with the Obama usurpation, as most can plainly see has already compromised our national security.

    I don’t know about you Bruce, but frankly, this matter is so serious and poses a clear and present danger to our republic that all responsible citizens need to act on this crisis. Charges need to be leveled at all elected officials for committing crimes against the state, violation of the public trust and treason as it applies. For those who are found guilty as charged then I sincerely believe this situation is so serious we must demand no less than the death penalty for all of the traitors who are found guilty.

    Based upon the character and behavior of the legislators in Arizona, Mr. Flake ( and another example, Mr. Salmon (, both who appear to be willing to permit the Constitutional eligibility to go unchallenged and yet admit knowledge of the extent of the criminal implications of the usurpation of the office of president by Obama, would seem to be undeserving to serve the people of Arizona.

    Bruce, I have the upmost respect for the folks who live in Arizona. So I find it extremely difficult to believe Arizonians would even entertain electing individuals who already appear to be willing to conspire with the existing criminal conspiracy we all know to be taking place.

    Since the judicial system, pick one…pick any of them, have failed to meter out justice, consistent with the Constitution, then we the people must immediately impanel citizen grand juries, ( as authorized by the 5th amendment and begin our own independent investigations of corruption in government.

    Just as a private citizen with no formal legal training, in my humble opinion, Arizona would be the perfect location to first establish such a grand jury. This makes perfect sense, to me, since Sheriff Arpaio has already established his credibility in seeking justice.

    Bruce, if other citizens of Arizona find favor in this suggestion, how quickly do you believe the Citizen Grand Jury can be impanelled and the investigations into the corruption of the elected officials can begin?


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    Comment by arnierosner — April 15, 2012 @ 3:24 pm

  2. It’s certainly “a no brainer” to me! I only wish I was living in AZ so I could vote for Cardon!


    Comment by Dave Levine — April 14, 2012 @ 6:01 pm

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