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April 23, 2012

Redistribution of Wealth, nothing new!

Its time we set the record straight. Redistribution of Wealth is nothing new.  Obama was hammered regarding his discussing with Joe the Plumber about his plan to redistribute wealth being a good idea.  News flash, this was not an original obama thought, he’s never had one.  The American taxpayer has been plagued with redistribution of wealth since the introduction of the income tax and other forms of taxation supposedly made legal by votes of the elected.  But wait, are they really legal, have we been snookered? Apparently we have!

The issue we’re going to attack today is taxes on private property.  Really, how can property be private if it is taxed. Do you really own it absolute fee simple, or are you renting it from the county/state governments.  Most of you are well aware of the current and past threats to private property. We have , obama, agenda 21, sustainable development, out of control city,and county boards of supervisors and those government bureaucrats and lobbyist,and those pesky county assessors,  and the list goes on, all threats to private property. Lets not forget the federal, state, county , debts that are secured by private property, commercial and residential  and personal property such  as cars and trucks, anything with a title issued by the corporate for profit state.  Note: Ever heard of the CAFR???

Over my career as a Commercial and Residential property investor, paying a fee to the county for my willingness to invest in a community has always been a point of contention.  And when I look at the statements issued by the county,  where those dollars are going , drives me up a wall.  Well in recent years I’ve discovered that I’m not alone. And now that these threats to our Rights as Guaranteed by the Constitution have come to light.  People are diving into the legality of property taxes (wealth distribution) and what they’ve found , in my view is nothing short of criminal. There is no question that a  fraud on American property owners, some have even suggested that these county treasures, have committed securities fraud.  We’ll report you decide.

On Saturday April 28th at Noon there will be a Free Seminar in Alpine Arizona. The speaker will be Dink Robart , topic will be on the Land Patent , the Affidavit, and the Common Law Default Process, and how we can challenge the Counties and States, that are actually Corporations.   This Seminar will be a no-nonsense and will be explained in English so folks will be able to understand the process going forward. The Event will start at noon sharp.  It is expected to last up to four hours.  There will be a collection hat to help pay for the rent of the facilities.  If you want to own your home absolute fee simple, this seminar is a must.  Ask your self this question, “Is my home being securatized for debts other than my own???  And what happens if someone You’ve never met comes and tells you, you’re going to leave, you no longer own your home. But You say, but I’ve paid off my mortgage.  Can you prevent this from happening? You must educate yourself.  

Now more good news.  Some friends of mine from Snowflake Arizona have also been looking at the tax on private property issue.  They have put together a document we shall refer  to as ” PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES”.    If anyone would like to have this document, just send me an email to “ ” and we will forward it to you. There is also a plan going forward and that will be sent as well.

For those of you that are not in Arizona. Here is our suggestion.  If you are fed up with the system, and you recognize the threats coming down the road. Regardless of what state you reside or country for that matter.  Do your homework, study the documents that we will provide.  Talk to your friends , families, neighbors, form groups. It starts with two, then three , and so on. Our site is a good example, although small compared to many, we started with about 30 here in my community, and now we send our site to over 9700 hundred address’.  And several our folks then forward to their in-house address’ as well.

If you plan to attend the event in Alpine, it would be helpful if you would let us know for seating arrangements. We are not the organizers of this event , but we are in contact with them. We will also be videoing the various segments of the Seminar.  We are in the process of creating a new web site , consisting of issues and resolutions via the Constitution & Amendments , The Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights.  We will be posting those videos on that site ASAP.  The address for that site is “  It is a work in process.  Also if you have a Constitutional issue that you believe we should address, let us know.

Why is all this important , well maybe this will turn on some lights , maybe?

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